So I’ve been asked by some of you to share my typical photoshoot process – what exactly goes on behind the scenes of an OpalbyOpal photoshoot and how I go from an idea to actually taking the photos and posting them on Instagram and my blog? So today, I’m going to share with you my 10 fashion photography tips. These tips could come in handy for beginners as well as more advanced models and photographers.

Please note these 10 steps are super flexible and depend on how much time and energy you have, sometimes I will skip entire steps or do them out of order – do whatever works for YOU! But please don’t skip step #10!

Fashion Photography Tip #1) Start with a Big Picture Idea

Are you trying to show off that cute outfit that you just purchased, tell a story, or were you inspired by someone else’s photo? All of these would fall under this category.

2) Do more research

I often skip this step but for bigger projects, it definitely helps to create a vision board of poses, angles, color combinations that you are going for. Instagram, Pinterest and magazines are your best friends for this.

3) Location scouting

Where would this outfit make sense to appear? Are you wearing streetwear? Try shooting it outdoors. Loungewear? Get cozy on a couch. Against a blank wall? Against something colorful? In an industrial setting? Bohemian? In today’s photoshoot I was limited to scouting various corners of my apartment.

4) To Prop or not to Prop?

Now that you have your outfit on and at the perfect location, what else can you add (or subtract) from the photo to make it stand out? Flowers, fruits, newspapers, and accessories like bags are some of my favorite and easiest props to play with. Bonus points for giving your hands something to hold on to and to get rid of those awkward hand posing that so many of us are struggling with.

5) Lighting and Mood

A good lighting can make or break a photo. If shooting outside, you typically want the sun to be behind the camera and to hit your subject face on to get the most flattering light. Indoors, play around with LED lights, your camera flash or just bump up your ISO settings.

6) Pose

Live, Work, POSE! Have fun with your poses – try to replicate some poses that you have done research on in step #2.

7) Play with your angles and shots

One of my favorite fashion photography tips and definitely one of the trendiest is using them Angles! Don’t get stuck just shooting head-on. If you have the luxury of working with a photographer, ask him or her to try getting some low or high angle shots to see whether they translate to the photo. I also like to take a few types of photos – “wide full body shots”, “mid-range”, “portraits and detail close-ups” and “fun outtakes or photos of your surroundings.”

8) Review your photos as you go along and try new things if needed

Peek your camera as you go along and don’t be afraid to look critically at your photos. Adjust your poses, props, angles or move to an entirely new location if something is not working. My first photos are rarely my favorite photos – I almost never end up using them.

9) Post-Processing

Don’t we all love our editing apps like Lightroom, FaceTune, VSCO and SnapSeed 🙂 Whether you like to edit on a computer or your phone, pick an app that works best for you and think about what story you want to tell. Think about what editing style you want for the photos like vintage vibe, bright and airy, dark and moody with shadow play – adjust brightness and colors accordingly.

10) Have fun!

You made it to the end of the list and my most important advice to models, photographers and creatives starting out is don’t beat yourself up too hard if your vision is not translating to the photo exactly how you imagined it. The process of getting to the photo is half the fun and can teach you many important lessons that you wouldn’t have otherwise learned along the way. Just like they say, practice makes perfect!

Alright Gems, I hope you found my 10 Fashion Photography Tips helpful in your creative process. If you have any questions or comments for me, drop them in the comments below. Now go out there and create amazing fashion content!

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