Self-care is the best care! What’s more important in this life than taking care of YOURSELF. Of course, taking care of your loved ones and people around you is extremely important as well…but you can unlock your full potential and give back 100% to this world only if you are feeling and looking your 100% fabulous self! With ever-increasing mental and physical pressures in this world, it’s as important as ever to take time off from our busy lives and treat our minds and bodies to much-needed relaxation, skincare, and massages. Below spas in and around New York City do just that! Join me on a quick journey to better ourselves.

Stop #1 – Get a massage at “Haven Spa

You feel teleported from the hustle and bustle of the city the second you step inside this calm and peaceful hideaway in the heart of Greenwich Village. I tried their new Harmony Massage – a mix of sound therapy, holistic massage and aromatherapy. It not only hit on all of the right spots in my back and shoulders but also recharged my chakra with tuning forks and uplifting aromas. For those looking for a more traditional experience, Haven Spa also offers Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stones, and a number of other more traditional massages.

Stop #2 – Stop by for a facial at “Skin Spa

Once we’ve fine-tuned ourselves at Haven Spa, it’s time to take care of our skin. And what better way to do that than to get a facial. Skin Spa was recommended to me by a friend and with multiple locations in the city, they quickly became one of my favorite places to tune up my skin whenever it feels dull. I tried their custom facial and microdermabrasion treatment and immediately my skin felt hydrated and nourished.⁣⁣ Just remember to drink more water, develop morning and nighttime skincare routines that you can stick to, and treat yourself to facials whenever possible, and your skin will thank you in the long run!⁣⁣

Stop #3 – Take in the views at “SoJo Spa Club

Once we have gotten our massages and facials, it’s time to really unwind. Where better to do it than at a Korean all-inclusive spa retreat tucked away in Edgewater, NJ. Their infinity pool overlooking the NYC skyline alone will make you forget all about the outside world just for a day. Hot tubs, pools, specialty baths (try the silky pool on the 5th floor!) and saunas pepper this 140,000 square foot relaxation oasis and will keep you occupied all day. Their policies like no phones and no shoes make the whole experience so much more immersive. Definitely worth booking for a full day of relaxation and seeing what the buzz is all about.

Let me know your favorite self-care tips and any spas that you have enjoyed in the comments below, Gems!


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