Chain belts are a great way to elevate any outfit.  Today, we’ll get into different ways of how to style chain belts –  from simply hooking in around your waist to swooping it into multiple layers. The creative possibilities that chain belts offer are endless. Wear them any of the below 5 ways depending on your outfit and mood that day.
– I am wearing: “Himalia” chain belt by Lapo Lounge – 

- How to Style Chain Belts-

1. Hook & Hang

How to style it: Hook the belt using the circular clip on one side and let the rest of the chain hang on the side for a simple & minimalist look.

2. Swoop Around Back

How to style it: Just like in the method above, hook the belt on one side but instead of letting the other end hang, wrap it around the back and hook the other circular clip to any link in the back.

3. Swoop & Hang

How to style it: Hook the chain on one side and swoop it under & over on the other side. No need to hook it from there, just let the rest hang free.

4. Double Swoop

How to style it: Hook the chain on one side and swoop it over twice on the other side. You can adjust created loops to make them the same size or go for an asymmetrical look – with one larger and one smaller loop. 

5. Triple Swoop

How to style it: If you are feeling daring, instead of swooping the belt twice, go for a triple swoop. This will create 3 smaller symmetrical loops that can elevate a dress with bolder print for example. Good thing, our Himalia belt comes in at 46 inches, plenty of length for any style you chose.



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