I’m a firm believer in breaking rules, especially when it comes to Style. When you look at the pieces in your wardrobe, diversity is KEY! you should be able to see that little black dress transformed into a little black top worn with a body-con skirt or even tailored high waisted pants. You should even see a flowy skirt worn as a top paired with jeans or even some shorts finished with a thin waist belt. So don’t limit yourself to wearing pieces in your wardrobe the way they were “meant” to be worn, GET A LITTLE CREATIVE! 
forever 21 skirt/top, Levi jeans, Bakers Sandal, Vintage cuff bracelet, H&M slim belt


  1. I just found your blog and I love it. Your style and body type is very similar to mine. I have this skirt and I normally wear it with a slightly baggy t-shirt to balance the shortness of it, but I am so stealing this idea!

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