– Can we all agree that getting an extra hour of sleep should be mandatory and losing an hour should be outlawed. #DaylightSavingsTime –

Today I am showing you how to prep Little Black Dress for the Fall in New York.

I got dressed last week in this look to attend the Paul Smith SS22 preview and wasn’t really loving how the dress looked on me. It felt too cutesy and didn’t really do much for my body which is not the look I typically go for. Maxim loved the dress and challenged me to style it up and make it more “ME” and this is what I came up with.

– I started by layering the waist with 2 gold chain belts.

– Add chunky knee-high boots in black & white (The ones I have one are from AGL).

– Grab a little black clutch. Bonus points for a matching gold chain.

– Finish with a POP of color. This blue quilted jacket did the trick and kept me warm at the same time.

In a few short steps, I took this dress from cutesy to edgy and ready to hit the streets of NYC.


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