I want to make it a point to not make this blog exclusively about Fashion because not only am I inspired by Fashion, I am also inspired by words spoken by great thinkers & other Randomness and it would be selfish of me not to share such inspirations with you..lol. so here’s something taken from Vanessa William’s ‘Colors of the Wind’
“You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew” <—this definitely holds true to just about anyone. OPEN your minds and Judge LESS 😉

I thought it would be fun to mix two extremely bright colors together namely the Yellow & the Blue but I didn’t want to look like a clown so I balanced out the brights with the black and I think it works very well. So here’s some fashion advice, when putting your outfits together, limit yourself to 3 different colors the MAX or else you stand the chance of a disaster. If you have brights paired together, be sure to tone it down by throwing in something neutral and you’ll be good to go 😉
Wearing: Silence & Noise Top, H&M Skirt, Aldo Platforms, Aldo Accessories Necklace/Clutch, Vintage Ring & Bracelet 

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