• Me and my partner, Maxim love to dress up for Halloween. We love doing couples Halloween costumes because they let us be creative and work off a common theme.
  • Throughout the years, we’ve dressed as bloodthirsty vampires, scary ghosts, and Hitchcock characters.
  • Most of our looks are DIY and come from my closet, Amazon accessories & our imaginations. Here are 6 of my favorite couples costumes to inspire you this Halloween.

1. Mother Nature & Charming Raven

Scariness factor: 👻👻/5

I met him fortnight
While on a walk in the woods.
His tongue was of silver
And heart was no good.
Seduced me, O raven
With feathers of jade 🪶
For I, Mother Nature 💐
Was a trusting babe.
Together we danced
And laughed on moss green.
You will find us again
On Halloween!

On Her: Sheer White Dress, Vines, Flowers, Branch Antlers.

On Him: Jade Shirt, Lace, Feathers, Raven Mask.

2. Feather Witch & Voodoo Priest

Scariness factor: 👻👻👻/5

Feather Witch & Voodoo Priest Couples Halloween Costume

One of my favorite costumes from recent history. I drew inspiration from witchy feather collar that I saw on Amazon (get it here) and built my whole look around it. I added a dark gothic corset over a lacy black dress and a pearl fascinator. Maxim donned an all-black outfit with skeleton face paint and a top hat to match my look. My look came out very sexy & mysterious at the same time.

On Her: Feather Collar, Gothic corset, Lace Maxi Dress, Pearl Fascinator.

On Him: Face Paint, Top Hat, Black Outfit.

3. Dark Medusa & Satyr

Scariness factor: 👻👻👻👻👻/5

Dark Medusa & Satyr Couples Halloween Costume

A twist on the previous outfit! If you are going to Halloween parties on different days and don’t want to wear the same outfit, re-imagine your look. I love to add or remove items to the base outfit to create a brand-new costume. Here I’ve added a DIY medusa headpiece that was a show stopper. I made it by getting a metal headband and adding black spray-painted zip ties and rubber snakes on top. Maxim wore a goat mask and a cape to turn into my unholy minion.

On Her: Medusa Headpiece, Feather Collar, Gothic Corset, Black Lace Dress.

On Him: Goat Mask, Black Cape, Black Shirt & Pants.

4. Queen & Her King

Scariness factor: 👻👻/5

Queen & Her King Couples Halloween Costume

We did this costume for Halloween in 2019 (we had to skip 2020, thanks Covid!) and it was a blast to wear and shoot in. You can go in so many directions when dressing up as Royalt. Think House of the Dragon, the Targaryens & other shows set in Medieval times. It might not be the creepiest costume until the heads start to roll…

On Her: Crown, Royal Robe, Gold Jewelry, Boquet of Flowers.

On Him: Crown, Blonde Wig, Royal Cape & Furs, Sword.

5. Vampire & Red Ghost Duo

Scariness factor: 👻👻👻👻👻/5

Vampire & Red Ghost Duo Couples Halloween Costume

Ok, this couples Halloween costume is a little more spooky. I went with a ruby-red spirit of vengeance. Maxim did a more classical but still creepy vampire with fangs and pale white face paint.

On Her: All Red Outfit, Platinum Blonde Wig, Red Contact Lenses.

On Him: Top Hat, Pale Face Paint, Fangs.

6. Norman Bates (Psycho) & Femme Fatale

Scariness factor: 👻👻/5

Norman Bates (Psycho) & Femme Fatale Couples Halloween Costume

These Halloween costumes were for McKittrick Hotel’s Hitchcock Halloween Party. We paid our tribute to the master of suspense with a take on one of his most popular shower killers – Norman Bates. I matched the look as a mysterious & seductive Femme Fatale. Together we made a quite deadly pair.

On Her: Black Everything, Rhinestone Top & Belt, Hairclips.

On Him: Gray slacks, White Shirt & Black Sweater, Crazy Eyes.

7. Axl Rose & Slash from Guns N’ Roses

Scariness factor: 👻/5

Axl Rose & Slash from Guns N’ Roses Couples Halloween Costume

For our last couples Halloween look we went with Rock’nRoll legends – Axl Rose & Slash. Clad in leather from head to toe, we channeled our inner rockstars and partied all night.

“Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games!”

On Her: Leather Pants, Black Curly Wig, Trucker Hat.

On Him: Leather Pants, Blonde Wig, Bandana.

I hope our couples Halloween costumes inspired you. Let me know what you are wearing this Halloween in the comments below!

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