One of my goals for 2021 was to set up my own little gym/dance studio. So we mounted a wall mirror (3×5 feet from Home Depot), repurposed one of our benches and stashed yoga mats and weights in the closet. It’s a perfect area where I can meditate, do yoga and throw in some quick on the go workouts, because who has time to go to the gym?

Today I challenged Maxim to do some fun core and ab workouts with me. And Pluto decided to jump in and be our personal trainer 🙂 You can do all of these exercises by yourself or with your boo – all you need is a yoga mat or a carpet where you can lay down comfortably.

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1. Mountain Climber Planks: 3 sets | x25 per leg
2. Side Planks with a Rotation: 3 sets | x25 per arm
3. Around the world Crunches 3 sets | x15 rotations
4. Crunch to Reach: 3 sets | x15 crunches
5. Scissor Crunch: 3 sets | x25 per leg

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Don’t forget to reward yourself! Make macaroons and watch Emily in Paris, if only because we can’t travel to Paris right now. Check out my stories later today for a delicious and simple at-home macaroon recipe that I’ve been loving.

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