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How to select modern decorative pillows for any space:

Adding Decorative pillows to your home is an easy and simple way to refresh your home decor. They fit right at home on any couch or bed. In the living room, bedroom or any cozy nook. And when you decide to throw a slumber party or just cozy up on the floor with your favorite book, decorative pillows are my go-to. Here are my top tips when picking your next pillow:

Mix up sizes. Most pillows come in a standard 18×18 or 20×20 inch size. I like to add larger 26×26 euro pillows into the mix as well. Lumbar, 14×20, and bolster, 8×30, are also popular sizes.

Look for pillows that complement the rest of your decor. Do you have a gray couch? Add a pop of color with bold reds or yellows. Green Bench? Go with complimentary green or blue tones. Eclectic living room? Add to the mix with bold geometric prints.

Consider your textures and fabrics. Once you’ve settled on a color (or a combination of colors), fabric plays an important role. Cotton is the most popular option and is the easiest to machine wash. Canvas or linen can add more of a “raw” natural look. Faux leather is a popular option that can make your space feel more grown-up. Denim and corduroy can add a natural striped texture.

Update with the seasons. If you get tired of looking at the same pillows throughout the year, switch up the covers. I store all of my pillow covers separately so all I have to do is pull out inserts and I my place can have a brand new look in less than 30 minutes. Right now, I am loving summer yellows, grays and blues. Nautical inspired motifs and stripes are also in. For the winter, I would switch to warmer orange-beige hues and perhaps faux leather to remind me of a ski cabin in Vermont.

– Store your inserts and covers separately. A well-made insert can last a long time and take on many different designs by switching out the covers.

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Happy pillow shopping, Gems!

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