For some people getting dressed is a matter of throwing on something that’s easy, comfortable and quick as long as it looks semi-presentable. For others, getting dressed is an artistic form of self-expression where they start with a blank canvas and develop a look based on the way they feel in that moment. I’d like to say that I fall somewhere in between these two types. If you think you do too, I would like to introduce you to one neat trick I picked up over the years called monochrome dressing.

Monochrome dressing is an easy way to elevate your style without putting too much thought into it. No matter your shape, size or style, a monochromatic look is always sharp and visually appealing. You might not even need to buy anything new to achieve it, because more likely than not the pieces you need are already in your closet. There are 3 simple steps you need to follow to pull off this look. First, find a color that works for you. Then, play with different fabrics and textures. And finally, experiment with different shades of colors. I’ll break down these 3 steps below:

1. Select a single color – What’s your favorite color to wear? And black is not an option this time, gems, let’s step out of our comfort zone with this one. As a New Yorker, I gravitate towards wearing all black most of the time, especially in the winter months. But deeper tones like navy blue, deep reds, tan, ivory or deep greens are a great start and they work well with ANY skin tone. I also really love the lighter pastel hues for the spring-summer months. Faint pinks, lavender, yellow and baby blues are some of my faves during those months. So give these colors a try.

2. Play with different fabrics and textures – A pantsuit or a skirt suit is the easiest introduction to monochrome dressing. The colors match perfectly and the pairing is a no brainer since you don’t have to worry about issues with the fabrics clashing. In order to spice up the look, you can always experiment by mixing different textures like cotton and denim, or silk and wool to add depth and definition to the ensemble. This is the key to keeping everything dynamic in a singular tone.

3. Experiment with different shades – Now branch out and play around with different tones of that single color that you decided on in step #1. If you are rocking a pantsuit, consider wearing a top of a lighter shade or opt for a printed piece to make a statement. If it’s a blouse/skirt combo, maybe going lighter on top and darker at the bottom will do the trick. Also, don’t be afraid to bring your monochromatic accessories like shoes and handbags into the mix to add a unique touch. One rule of thumb though, when it comes to whites, it looks better when you use the same shades of white and don’t clash ivory with beige, it just doesn’t work.

So when you’re having one of those days where you feel completely uninspired about what to wear, pick a single color and try these tips to create that monochromatic look. There’s a high chance that once you do, the inspiration will follow!

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