Hey, Gems! Just a really quick update that I wanted to share with you on this lovely Friday – I switched up my hair for a fresh look! And it’s honey blonde! I’ve debuted this look on my IG and IRL last week so if you’ve been following me there, I really appreciate all of the positive feedback I’ve been receiving, really really thank you!

I wanted to try a new look for New York Fashion Week and decided to depart from my “safe” black hair that I’ve been rocking for a long while (I did experiment with red hues in the past but never went this light before). So far, so good! It’s really grown on me and I’ve been loving it. Moral of the story – change can be a good thing! So if you’ve been stuck in a rut with your image, style, hair or just the way this world perceives you, let this be your call to action and change up your look! I am personally contemplating changing up what I wear next – I want to experiment more with streetwear, Garconne, vintage, do more denim and whatever else to get myself out of my comfort zone. So that new hair you’ve been thinking about – color it! That look you don’t think you can pull off – wear it! That boy playing games with your heart – dump him! Fall is coming and it’s time for a change, gems!


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