This shoot in Soho was my first one since quarantine started and can I tell you, it felt good to be back in my old stomping ground. I remember biking around there in April/May with Maxim and it looked like an apocalypse hit. Stores were boarded up and the familiar scene of tourists and locals alike shuffling through crowds, going about their day shopping and dining was non-existent. I was a bit troubled by the sight wondering which businesses would survive and which ones would plummet. The economic impact of the pandemic has hit so many businesses from the left-field leaving many of them crippled financially.

Seeing this vibrant neighborhood come back to life, although not fully as it was before the start of the pandemic is very promising. The sight of people wearing masks is a visible reminder that we’re not in the clear just yet. But for now, I’ll just bask in the memories as I walk around and point to all the little nooks and corners where I’ve shot and what outfit I was wearing during each shoot :slightly_smiling_face: Even little Pluto has fond pre-pandemic memories here. It’s where he learned to navigate the crowded sidewalks of New York as a young pup just about 6 months old. Where he became a true city dog. So here’s to the memories of yesterday, the hope for tomorrow and the progress we’ve made in these unprecedented times of our lives.

Is there a place in your city/town that was hit by the pandemic but showing new signs of life? Share it in the comments below.

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