Note to Self - Courtney Peppernell

There may come times when things just seem hard 

and you’re running on empty,⁣

walking through days blind.⁣

There may come moments when things seem too much, ⁣

like you keep coming up last,⁣

and you’re losing your touch.⁣

But you are my life, and I’ll spend every single day ⁣

reminding you that you are capable,⁣

you are smart and strong,⁣

and you will find your way.⁣

Hearts can hurt, minds can ache, ⁣

the world may seem far too big, ⁣

and everything feels at stake.⁣

But you will reach your dreams⁣

no matter how difficult it seems,⁣

and I will always believe in you,⁣

in all that you ever set out to do.⁣


From “Pillow Thoughts” by Courtney Peppernell. BUY IT HERE.



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