I have drifted yet again && I am sorry for the lack of posts…I feel like this summer is flying by soo quickly and I hardly have time to really grasp and enjoy every moment so that is my goal for the next couple of weeks I have left of this summer…to stop && smell the roses as cliche as that sounds haha.
I am really in love with this dress I got from Topshop, yellow is such a summery color and although the sleeves are long, the material is very light and breathable. There is actually a zipper in the back and i zipped it down because I loved the idea of a bareback && I think it works for this dress.
I paired it with random accessories and my favorite ALDO mesh wedges which are amazingly comfortable…I could walk in them all day 😉
I hope you are ALL taking time for yourselves && Enjoying the beautiful but HOT weather.
~Precious G(em)~


  1. oh i so HYPED this look …
    i WANT this dress.., you look so classy & chic in it…
    and the color !!!!!

    oh and we should be following each others blog by now….!!!
    cause i so want toooooo…
    what about you!!!

  2. yellow is my favourite colour! you know why I love your style, Opal? because your clothes are so classy and refined, and you spice them up with bold accessories, and your personal style is so chic and special! thank you so much for inspiring me every time>:D<

  3. Your fashion is fierce! I love how you incorporate colors into your wardrobe; I think it enhances your beautiful skin tone. I love your style!

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