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Popular on TikTok and Instagram, the Soft Girl aesthetic celebrates a traditionally feminine, tender, cute & sweet fashion sense and lifestyle. It combines Y2K fashion revival, 90’s trends, Japanese Kawaii influences & cottage core. Think soft color palettes like blush pinks, lavender, lemon yellows, creams, mints, sky blues & other pastel-leaning colors. In other words, colors that a hardened New Yorker like me would normally be not caught wearing. But that’s what is so liberating about the soft girl aesthetic, it’s about changing your perspective on life and deliberately choosing a mindset of slowing down, letting go of your worries and stress, and yes, choosing to be vulnerable.


If you think you are too old for trends popularized by teens on a video sharing app, I will show you how to put your own spin on a soft girl trend to make it more grown-up and edgy. 

For this outfit, I started with finding the top and pants in the same blush pink color to set a dramatic monochromatic moment. I went oversized with “men’s style” trousers. I love the structural pleats at the bottom and fold-over fabric details at the waist. To contrast the baggy pants, I wore a corset top to add that feminine vibe. I love the gathered fabric details and bare shoulders, perfect for summer.

For accessories, I went with a mix of gold & silver. I stacked gold necklaces from Lapo Lounge (launching soon!) with Himalia and Nebula silver chain belts. I love mixing gold and silver jewelry to add an element of drama. 

Finish the look with clear pumps that blend in seamlessly with the pants so it doesn’t distract from everything else happening up top. A cloud clutch bag in pastel orange was the cherry on top for this outfit. Pink & orange hues blended together particularly well.


Trendy shops like Love Shack FancyH&M and Shopbop will carry the basics for you to start putting together an elevated soft girl look. For jewelry and accessories, check out Local Eclectic or Etsy. For elevated waist chains & hair accessories, check out my brand Lapo Lounge.

I’ve also put together a mood board that you can shop below:

Quick Links:

  1. Book a Photoshoot in NYC with me.
  2. Shop this look (LTK / Amazon). 
  3. Shop my Chain Belts
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