I picked up these vegan leather pants from H&M last week and I have to say, I was fooled by the resemblance to the real thing in quality and aesthetic. If you’re someone like me who wants to be more intentional with the items you bring into your closet, vegan leather is an ethical choice that is not only on-trend but also good for the animals. And although vegan leather is a more sustainable choice, it’s still important to note that most of the options currently available on the market are made from PU which is a type of plastic. But as technology expands, and more brands start to prioritize sustainability, we’ll see even more eco-friendly vegan leather options. 

Today on the blog, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite vegan leather items for the Fall. Everything from dresses and skirts, to trousers and jackets. Head on over and let me know your favorite pieces and if you are jumping on a “vegan leather” trend like me!

Vegan Leather Dresses

Vegan Leather Pants

Vegan Leather Skirts

Vegan Leather Jackets

Vegan Leather Tops

Would you rock vegan leather?

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