• Step away from the ordinary and elevate your next vacation look with the hottest runway trends for 2024. This year’s vacation style is all about pushing boundaries and expressing your unique personality.
  • White dresses, romantic details and sky blues offer a softness, for your next vacation look. Think delicate fabrics, playful cutouts, and enchanting floral patterns.
  • Metallic fringe, the daring “no pants” trend, and strategically sheer fabrics will turn heads and make you the main attraction.
  • Keep reading to learn how to style these 8 trends straight from the runway to your next resort getaway.

Reds & Rosettes

Images: Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Aknvas, Alexander McQueen

Roses are red, violets are blue… you know the rest. Perhaps inspired by this classic rhyme, or more likely by themes of romance, girlhood, and nostalgia, designers are embracing the fiery red rose motif. The rose, a timeless symbol of love and connection, embodies the longing we have in our increasingly digital and impersonal world – a yearning for love, passion, and connection. Look for sheer, voluminous dresses, feather-adorned sleeves, or even literal structural flowers in your next outfit. Fall in love with love again on your next vacation!


Images: 3.1 Philip Lim, Christian Siriano, Avellano, Alaïa

Another polarizing trend is the bold use of sheer fabrics. Transparent blouses, translucent skirts, and sheer dresses will make a splash this spring break. While seemingly scandalous, this doesn’t mean a lack of fabric! Designers are balancing sheer elements with strategic coverage. Think maxi dresses instead of minis, playful sleeves, or voluminous pants.

Remember: Sheer pieces can be adapted to different comfort levels and occasions. Strategic layering and undergarments let you control how much, or how little, you reveal.

No Pants

Images: Acne Studios, Brunello Cucinelli, Genny, Andreadamo

The no-pants trend, where outfits confidently omit trousers, has sparked both fascination and debate. Celebrities have boldly rocked the look on the red carpet, streets, and at high-profile events like the Met Gala. This daring trend emphasizes long legs, playful undergarments, and sometimes, strategic layering. Rock it with an oversized blazer for that cool, street-style vibe. Take your look from day to night by simply adding heels or sneakers

The no-pants trend pushes boundaries. Some embrace its liberating nature and focus on body positivity, while others question its practicality. Either way, this trend sparks conversation, demonstrating fashion’s power to challenge norms and ignite self-expression.

Metallic Fringe

Images: Alexander McQueen, Genny, Elisabetta Franchi, Alberta Ferretti

Fringe is back in a big way! Inspired by Beyonce’s cowgirl-meets-alien superstar aesthetic, the trend has moved beyond classic country vibes. Designers are embellishing everything – dress hems, sleeves, and jackets – with playful fringe details. Think shimmering metallics instead of traditional browns and black leather. Fringe in 2024 is all about embracing movement, texture, and a touch of the playful.If it’s flirty and fun, count us in!

White Dresses

Images: Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, Chloé, Fashion East, Stella McCartney

The white dress is usurping the iconic little black dress. Don’t let its simplicity deceive you – this trend embraces dresses that are everything but ordinary. Designers favor light, airy fabrics over heavy, structured ones, creating an ethereal aesthetic. Delicate lace, dainty details, asymmetrical designs, playful cutouts, and enchanting appliques add a touch of the otherworldly. Styles range from effortless slip dresses and printed numbers to versatile shirt dresses and sheer gowns. Just like the LBD, a white dress can take you from a casual, flowy poolside cover-up to a sultry St. Barts-ready mini dress perfect for dancing the night away.


Images: Balmain, Zimmermann, Acne Studios, Adeam

Ah, Spring! A time when nature awakens, the scent of flowers and new possibilities fill the air. Taking inspiration from this season in bloom, designers relish in the idea of love and romance. They’re embracing delicate fabrics, florals, pastels, sheer materials, and diaphanous white dresses to create a soft, dreamlike aesthetic. But unlike the helpless heroines of the past, the focus is on intimacy and self-confidence. Unique textures like metallics and playful trims add a touch of whimsy, while colors like browns, lavender, pastel greens, and yellows reign supreme. This is romance reimagined – feminine, playful, and seeking a touch of the extraordinary. For your next vacation, channel this trend with a pastel maxi dress adorned with floral embroidery. Its lightweight fabric and flowing silhouette are perfect for warm destinations, while the embellishments add a touch of glamour for sunset dinners and evening strolls.

Light Blue

Images: BENETTON, Tiffany Brown Designs, Aigner, Tiffany Brown Designs

Call it sky blue, baby blue, or light blue – this color is set to dominate your spring wardrobe. Evoking tranquility, wellness, and calm, it’s a great alternative to bolder blues like cobalts and indigos. Think of summer’s endless blue skies and glistening waters with whitecaps. Designers like Proenza Schouler, Emporio Armani, and LaPointe incorporate this hue it in their Spring 2024 collections. Sky blues pair beautifully with neutrals like white, beige, and grey, as well as bolder shades like pink, orange, and green.


Images: Staud, Didu, Issey Miyake, LITKOVSKA

Unlike its softer, more romantic cousin, light blue, cobalt isn’t afraid to turn heads. This electrifying color dials up the intensity, exuding energy, power, and a touch of the dramatic. Designers like Burberry, Issey Miyake, and Ferrari have all incorporated it into their recent collections. If airy blues are perfect for daytime, cobalt shines brightest at golden hour. Go bold with a monocochromatic look, add silver pumps for an unforgettable entrance. Or, simply add a pop of cobalt with your accessories – bag, shoes, scarf, or statement jewelry. As a bonus, cobalt pairs beautifully with terracottas, earthy hues, and browns – so don’t be afraid to play with peek-a-boo elements next time you wear this striking color.

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