DIY home improvement on a budget and update on my apartment

When it comes to decorating your home, are you the type who likes to furnish your place immediately, or do you like to build it out organically and bring items into your home over time?

I think I am an organic apartment growth person now! It’s been 4 months since we moved into our apartment and the decorating process has been slow but steady. Maxim and I have been taking our time and allowing it all to come together organically instead of buying everything all at once. 

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Some of the projects and purchases we have completed so far include:

– New closet from Century 21 sale

– Upcycled dinner table that sits 8 and is a central piece of the apartment

– Removing doors and adding curtains to our walk-in closet

– Re-wiring a chandelier in the living room

– DIY computer desk from 2 Ikea Billy bookcases

I’m probably forgetting some smaller touches like spray painting planters, buying new cutlery or adding a folding shelf for a projector so we can stream movies at night right on our wall that make your home…well “homey”!

Some DIY projects that we still have left and will tackle in the Spring/Summer is building a Murphy bed and replacing our wooden bookshelf with pipes, metal and glass version for that “Industrial Chic” aesthetic that I am ultimately going for. If you have any experience with building either or, drop them in the comments below! Till then, you can find me in a constant cycle of home improvement 🙂

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